Hey Hey Hey, No Decay

ADA Approved

Reynolds 531 Curved Tube decal

Decisions, decisions. Which one of you shall grace my Quintana Roo?

It’s no secret that I have a bike problem, but there are certain things that I just can’t pass up.

This is my latest, an original Quintana Roo Superform triathlon frame.  The Superform was Quintana Roo’s best bike of the eighties, using cutting edge geometry and the finest tubing available.  Each bike received a unique paint job and no two were alike.  The first Superforms were built by Rob Stowe in Rochester, NY, and judging by the elegant wishbone stay, I am 99.9% positive this one was built by him.  (he used this unique stay on his later time trial frames)  Other Superforms from this era were fillet brazed, this one is lugged which makes it even more uncommon.  I know, I have two other Stowe bikes, but this one was a must have. 

This bike is interesting because it was among the first bikes to use dual 650c wheels, and it has a super steep seat tube angle, 80˚, which was revolutionary at the time.  (today, it’s fairly common to see this setup on time triathlon frames).  

Now all I have to do is find some slick aero parts and period specific components to build this thing into a proper tri bike.  

I’m such a nerd.

The soundtrack to Carl Sagan’s Cosmos is the perfect music to play Mario Kart by… (Taken with picplz.)

I always get bummed when I have to leave my McIntosh at home. With the McIntosh Labs iPad Simulator ™, I can still stare into those hypnotic blue meters. Now if only I could find a Tec12 app for simulating the needle drop…

It took God twenty years to answer my prayers.

Even though “Deep V” rims aren’t my style, I have made a few exceptions over the years.  This is my latest, a Fir Aria wheelset, straight from the Netherlands.  They’re almost identical to the Gipiemme 416 and Campagnolo Shamal rims of the mid nineties; just with a slightly different profile.  I love the low spoke count and bladed spokes, plus they aren’t much heavier than my Mavic Aksiums.  

I found an immaculate set of these in 2007 at R&A Cycles for $200 and I really wanted to jump on them, but they were tubular.  Wah wah.  Thankfully, these are clincher, so I shouldn’t have any extra hassle with these.  The only downside is that they’re polished to a true mirror finish; they’re impossible to look at in the sun.  I’ll have to wear my brazing glasses for training rides.

Today was perfect for riding the funny bike.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t sold on the idea of a funny bike until I got this one.  I always thought they were kind of silly and only for the nerdiest of the nerdy.  It accelerates like a rocket ship, handles like a dream, and is immune to crosswinds.  I’m totally loving it.

As it turns out, I’m a whole lot nerdier than I originally thought.

Velospace, a place for nerds.

This is nuts.  I feel like my ears are going to melt off the sides of my head.

The reason why this took so long was because I dropped it off with my technician who tested it for a couple days.  We talked back and forth during that time and I decided it would be best to give this thing a full recap.  After forty years of sitting and being opened for the first time since it was originally produced, I figured it should just be completely overhauled.  I didn’t want to risk something failing me down the road, I wanted to just get it together and forget about it.  Dealing with McIntosh directly was awesome, plus they had all the parts in stock and delivery was super fast.

McIntosh rates these amps at a “conservative” 105 wpc…  This produced 140 wpc before my tech decided enough was enough.  This thing doesn’t even get remotely hot when I’m pushing it hard either, it’s incredible.  The PS Audio preamp I’m using isn’t half bad either, super clean and doesn’t color the sound at all.  I’m losing my mind over it.  This is the first thing I’ve acquired in a long time that has actually exceeded my expectations.  

I don’t know how I got to be such a nerd for this kind of stuff, but this amp seriously rules.  I’m asking myself how I could listen to anything before it, this is sublime.


What a lucky guy.  And I was just getting excited about my second Tommasini and possible future Cyclops!

Well, I am still excited about my bikes, but I really need to find out where these people find these things, I know for a fact they’re not on ebay.  Perhaps I need to go to Italy, fill a crate, and send it to myself.