Hey Hey Hey, No Decay

ADA Approved

Master-piece x Oki-Ni x Indigofera

Master-piece Sunbrella Slash Backpack

I’ve loved Cherubim for quite some time; I’m obsessed with their avant-garde approach to frame construction and geometry.  Everything they do is new and awe-inspiring.  The bike on the upper left is what they were doing back in 1980.  

Pure genius.

Japan releases wild monkeys to measure radiation levels near Fukushima

Not gonna lie, this was the first thing that came to my mind.

Machida M House by KUS

I’m loving the contemporary radiator integrated into the mezzanine.

Tadanori Yokoo, 1978

Chikara Ito and Kayoko Ichihara

Akishima City, Tokyo

Julian Montague

Sexon Super Peace x Cherubim

I have to remember that I have the ability to make my own… 

Now this is something I would do.  This guy built his house around his two most prized possessions; the JBL 4312a and BMW E30 M3.

There’s actually quite a bit more to this house than that, but this is perhaps the best use of space I have ever seen in a Japanese home.  A glass garage positioned next to the dining room, so all your friends can look at your BMW while eating chicken katsu, genius!