Hey Hey Hey, No Decay

ADA Approved

Déjà vu?

I had a dream last night where I called Kodak directly to place a large order for some Ektachrome.  The response I got was "Son, we don’t make film anymore."

Last night I dreamt that someone made a Larry David video game.

The general idea was that you would be placed into the most awkward situations and points would be awarded for how many relationships you ruined.  Combos occurred when you started a feud between two or more close friends.  Multipliers were available for being neurotic, clumsy, or an all out schmuck.  The bonus round involved watching everything crumble around you.  The fewer friends you were left with at the end of the round, the higher the score.

Game developers, are you listening?   This really needs to happen.

I’m going to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a cordwainer

No, really.  I wanted to be a cordwainer long before I went to RIT for jewelry design and metal sculpture.  I was riding my bike yesterday afternoon to check out a new listing and came across this guy’s shop.  I remember seeing it a few years ago, but I forgot where it was.

This changes everything.  

Some people knit in the winter, I’ll be making fine footwear.