Hey Hey Hey, No Decay

ADA Approved

I’ll take two.

As I mentioned in my last post, the U. Scanini Discotheque Crono would be my last vintage build for quite awhile.  Since relocating to Rochester at the end of May, I have worked feverishly to rebuild my frame building studio.  

The biggest break came when my furniture making friend and fellow RIT alum, Brandon Carmo, offered to share his studio with me.  The space we occupy is 800 sqft with 25 foot ceilings, access to three freight elevators and loading docks.  In a word, it is dope.  (I dare not mention the price of rent to any of my friends still living in NYC.)

I started to move my stuff in there at the end of July and the big stuff arrived in August.  From that point forward, I have tried to be there at least five days a week, for a minimum of two hours per visit.  The past few weeks have been dedicated to cleaning, repairing, and reassembling my tools.  I also had to do take inventory to make sure I wasn’t completely out of something.  Unfortunately, I did lose a few things for good, but that was inevitable.  I have since replaced or upgraded all of the missing supplies.

Right off the bat, there were things I wanted to do differently than when I had the shop in Brooklyn.  First and foremost, I multiplied my storage tenfold; this makes it much easier for me to keep things organized.  I also wanted to build some racks and storage to better accommodate materials and projects.  I am in the process of building the racks right now, but I probably won’t need them for a few more months.

I can already say, having a dedicated space with no interference is great.  I am pretty good about putting all my toys away when I am done playing, but I love the fact that I can come back and the space is exactly as I left it.  Without a doubt, I am much more productive and efficient.

So what’s next?  Build bike frames, duh.  I’m bringing the fire marshal in next week for an inspection, and I will order my oxygen & acetylene tanks as soon as I have the permit.  That’s it, I am ready to go.  I was sad to leave NYC, but I am thrilled that I am able to pursue my dream here in Rochester.  As things get rolling, I will separate Revere Cycles from this blog.  I updates can be found over on the Revere Cycles tumblog and Facebook page.

For Al10rnothing, Ellis’ C-Record Century equipped road bike at NAHBS 2010.  A childhood fantasy come reality, he outbid me on this mint Campagnolo C-Record Century group  on Ebay a few years ago.

Ken Stolpmann’s amazing fixed gear

A custom carbon frame.

I really hope he got the seat angle and position 100% spot on, because that ain’t goin’ nowhere.