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Future classic.

Olmo “Super Gentleman”


Revere Cycles

My friend Erik took some nice photos of my workshop.


Campagnolo Support Car circa 1984

This rack is on ebay right now.  (Believe it or not, it has been in my watch list for a couple of weeks)  It was custom fabricated by Jimmy Flannigan, a former Campagnolo team mechanic who was working for Romic cycles.  The tubing was a mix of Columbus and Reynolds, and all the dropouts were Campagnolo.  This rack saw service in the Coors Classic, and a bunch of other great North American races during the 1980s.

(via matthewjmason)

Campagnolo Record brake calipers drilled by Jeff Rumbold of Oak Harbor, Washington.  OMAS titanium center bolts, ETA Competition Brake Kit, and Scott Mathauser Pads.

For Al10rnothing, Ellis’ C-Record Century equipped road bike at NAHBS 2010.  A childhood fantasy come reality, he outbid me on this mint Campagnolo C-Record Century group  on Ebay a few years ago.

I love the subtle paint fade.

A couple years back, I gave my friend Deco my insanely bright PDM era Concorde built by Ciocc. I had it shipped over from Poland, but it was a couple cm too large for me. After a brief build with Modolo Morphos shifters, and another with tricolor 600, it is now built up with a full Campagnolo group. For this build, I gave Deco my 8 speed Record cassette and dark chrome Pinarello fork. So hot!

I love this setup.

I’m a Tommasini guy, but I suppose could rock a ‘nago like this if I had to.