Hey Hey Hey, No Decay

ADA Approved

1989 Paletti Cronos

NOS Campagnolo Epsilon Rims. (I love that orange accent!) (Taken with picplz.)

Here’s the front hub from the pair of Record hubs I picked up last week.

I’m a master polisher.

Spectrum had a Hetchins they recently restored.  How much did it cost to restore?  $3,400+!!!

I saw Adrian Grenier earlier today during my morning commute. We locked eyes for a bit and he appeared to be startled. I don’t know if it was due to our stunning resemblance, or the fact that my bike is worth more than his.  (Supposedly he spends a lot of time riding in Prospect Park)

This is a nice follow-up to last year’s Jeremy Piven sighting on Bowery, where I believed he mistook me for his co-star.

Art Stump really had it going on.  I can’t get enough of this guy, and just when I think I’ve seen every bike he ever made, londonfgss or serotta forums shows me one more…

(I’m in the depths of the internet, searching for new old stock lugs.)