Hey Hey Hey, No Decay

ADA Approved

My latest build: Don Walker Pursuit Track

I bought this as a freshly restored frame and fork from Velo Cult last fall. I had a clear idea of what I wanted for this build, but I didn’t have the cash to do it paying full retail. (like I ever pay full retail) I spent several months crawling eBay and the internet for the specific parts I had in mind. Just about everything was new or NOS, other than the seatpost, BB, and crankset. I had my LBS lace up the wheels for me using Dura Ace 7600 track hubs and some NOS Mavic MA40s I picked up nearly five years ago. I’m loving these wheels. The geometry is perfect for me and I’m really pleased with how it this build came out.

Until next time!

Who knew toe straps came in so many different flavors? 

What is this place, Baskin-Robbins?

Just when I thought I had seen everything.

The Corratec I.K.O Team frame.  I would love to build this bike with a full Mavic group; 631 Starfish cranks, ZAP drivetrain, Cosmic wheels…. oh man.  

Scratch that, I need to build a replica of this frame.

I’m real.