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Hotel Seneca: 1908

In 1957, the Hotel Seneca became the Manger Hotel.  Shortly thereafter, it was razed to make way for Midotwn Plaza.  Today, the Windstream building stands exactly where the Seneca once stood.  

Previously, I posted the interior of the hotel’s remarkable Pompeiian Room.

Pompeiian Room, Hotel Seneca.

Rochester, New York, circa 1908.

Fifth Avenue at 51st St.  New York, NY, 1908

(This is best viewed at full size.  Check out the great detail and the gentleman on the right)

Hotel Rochester, 1908

After its use as a hotel, it became a dormitory for RIT students (this was when the campus was still located downtown).  In 1999, it was demolished by explosives, just a few days before Christmas.

New York circa 1908. “Charles T. Yerkes house, Fifth Avenue and East 68th.”

Entrance to Dreamland, Coney Island, circa 1908

Two things struck me about this photo.  The first was how big Macy’s looks in comparison to the rest of Herald Square, that’s obvious.  The second was how the interesting building on the corner is presently covered by a giant red Macy’s shopping bag.