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ADA Approved

FINALLY FINISHED.  U. Scanini Discotheque Crono

Ugh!  I felt like I had this frame FOREVER.  I bought it from Poland last year and I’ve pieced it together at a glacial pace.  This was actually a pretty difficult build for me because what I had in mind wasn’t readily available.  My first idea was build it with either Dura Ace 7400 or 7700, but I had a change of heart when I remembered that the Mavic 840 rear derailleur in my spare parts bin was compatible with Dura Ace 7400 shifters.  That discovery totally sidetracked the build and sent me on a path to locate the 631 cranks and 862 front derailleur; the latter being the most difficult to source.  Full build details here.

Yeah, it’s a bit garish and over the top, but I think it works well together.  It handles nicely and feels great on the road, well worth the wait.  I am pleased to announce this will also be my last vintage build for a long time, see my following post for details.

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